About Us

Who We Are...

As multi-generational farmers, we have seen the decline of the farming industry in this country. You, the customer, aren’t truly getting the cuts of meat you want. We will begin to educate you on where your meat is truly coming from and provide you a quality of meat you haven’t had access to… until now!

Our meat comes direct from our own private stock, and dry aged for 21 days before going straight to your table.


In addition, we offer a premier shopping experience at our full service Butcher Shop.

From Farm To Table...

We want you to know exactly what you are eating and where your food is coming from. Our farms are right outside Council Bluffs and have been for generations. We want you to know right where your meat comes from. We even offer annual tours to show you our farms. You will have no doubt why you should trust us.

Thank you for choosing us to source your natural Beef and Pork.